Modern commercial solar systems from Solgen Energy Group offer clients improved features that were once thought unobtainable.

Brands in 2019 have had to improve their game and innovate with solar technology to give business clients added value.

When these items were initially rolled out, there was something of a reluctance to shift away from the traditional electric and gas models towards panels that absorb their energy through the sun.

Amid the occasional setback there is now an acceptance within the market that this is a smart investment to make strategically.

Here we will outline the key features and benefits that makes modern commercial solar systems the item of choice for companies in 2019.

Real Time Performance Monitoring

Once a business client has invested in commercial solar systems they are given online software access to a real time tracking and performance apparatus. This is where single users can log on and quickly check consumption levels, email alerts for faults or technical issues, upgrading needs and data on output levels by the hour every hour. For companies that love to use data to monitor performance on a range of departments, this is yet another smart application that gives clients added value. No longer will customers be left in the dark as they react to potential faults, allowing them to stay in contact with the provider through remote technical support. Should an issue make itself evident on the horizon, they can be notified and book in for a visit.

Enhanced Roofing Suitability

In years gone by, commercial solar systems could only fit a premise if it fitted a very specific set of terms. The terrain had to be just right, facing in one direction with the angles and orientation removing any logistical hassle. In today’s climate, modern products can arrive in a variety of panel profiles as the enhanced technology has given a chameleon like quality for the environment. Should the sunlight arrive in the morning or afternoon, if there are trees in the area or other nearby impediments, the system can be designed and built around those obstacles.

No Systemic Failure Points

The great aspect about investing in modern commercial solar systems is that one panel failure doesn’t impact on the rest of the product. The operation can continue as close to normal as possible whilst a specialist arrives to quickly repair the faltering item in isolation. In previous installation periods it would be a significant setback should one of the outlets breakdown as each item would be connected in some shape or form. That technical glitch is thankfully consigned to the past as business clients can forge ahead and book in for a repair.

Longer Lifespans and Service Guarantees

With older commercial solar systems there simply wasn’t the durability to sustain continued use day after day, week after week, month after month and year after year. Eventually they began to wear out and struggled to maintain their initial performance levels. Today modern brands have the capacity to sustain themselves with higher battery volumes to ensure that they do not falter. To protect consumers in this setting there are longer warranty protections that extend into 10, 12 and 15 year cycles. This is to illustrate their expected duration as a long-term investment, avoiding any short-term financial concerns that a business might have.

Easy to Upgrade or Downgrade

Much like a household, a business can expand in their capacity or downgrade according to the movements of key participants. Should a takeover happen or a new department is brought into the fold, that will cause the hierarchy to assess their energy consumption needs and upgrade their investment. Modern commercial solar systems can cater to this needs, as well as for those enterprises who are seeing members leave the premises and energy consumption levels drop. This has been a costly and extensive exercise in the past but these products are now geared towards user flexibility.