2019 is going to be another big year for Corporate Care flu vaccinations as local enterprises try and keep the disease at bay.

With the cold climate only making conditions worse for the spread of the flu, managers and executives know that they face the risk of high levels of absenteeism come May, June and July.

But that status quo doesn’t have to remain so – action is at hand.


Tackling Flu Absenteeism Directly

Corporate Care flu vaccinations are proven to reduce absenteeism due to these illnesses from anywhere between 20-40% in certain environments. That is a return that makes for an enticing investment from the perspective of the business. Those individuals who remain on site will be diligently working on their core requirements without needing to apply for sick leave and deal with those logistics. This is especially valuable for small to medium enterprises (SMEs) who have no contingency plans in place when certain employees from key departments are absent due to the flu.


Using Modern Methods

Using specialised immunisation nurses who are bringing aboard the most modern Corporate Care flu vaccinations of 2019, clients can rest assure that they are being treated with vaccines that are necessary for the current climate. Strains of influenza are regularly shifting and that forces the medical community to respond in kind with annual immunisation programs. If employees are left to their own devices and forced to search for their own provider on their own time, they could settle for a provider who is using an outdated injection to carry out the procedure.


Showcasing a ‘Healthy’ Commercial Brand

Brands have to continue to showcase their assets and manage their community image amid current events. When customers, sponsors and affiliates consider doing business with an organisation, they will take onboard a number of factors that are conscious and subconscious. One of those will include their ability to look after their staff and engage in healthy endeavours like corporate flu vaccinations. By looking after their own people, an enterprise can promote themselves as a morally upstanding establishment.


Fast Turnaround Time

By the time executives debate the merits about corporate flu vaccinations and ponder their next move, they could have already scheduled a visitation from a nearby provider. These medical practices waste no time booking a placement for local businesses that want to carry out these initiatives closing into the flu season. As the injection takes a couple of weeks to come into full effect, Australian companies are advised to reserve their position early on in the year before an April or early May immunisation takes place. Each participant is observed in the following moments for any potential side effects until a report is issued. There are no further logistics or complications involved as business can return to normal in no time at all.


Happy and Productive Workforce

Workers who are not battling illness are by and large a happier group than their compatriots. Physical ailments have a knock-on effect for the mental health of individuals as the stress of work can manifest itself over time as the flu exacerbates the issue further. Implementing corporate flu vaccinations is the right strategy for management that wants to cultivate a happy and productive team dynamic, attributes that can’t be obtained if they are absent and ill.



Local enterprises are getting behind corporate flu vaccinations at a higher rate given the results they produce. By keeping this practice in-house through nearby medical outlets, companies are looking after their most important asset without seeing staff members fend for themselves with their GP and taking time off work. The threat of this disease spreading comes around each and every year, so engaging with these specialists can be the best way to taking proactive action.