The Spanish dish of paella continues to sell well in the market of Sydney.

As event hosts call up for Paella amor, that offers paella catering in Sydney, and they are bringing the Spanish cuisine from Valencia to their front door.

Whilst there is heavy competition from Italian and Chinese to Thai, Indian, French, Japanese and beyond, this is an option that offers multiple benefits.

Simple and Easy to Cook

paella in a pan

Paella catering in Sydney is such an attractive proposition for chefs that it can easily be picked up for DIY cooks at home. All that is required is access to a gas element for the heat, a handful of pans to cook the ingredients and some large bowls to mix the food together before it is allowed to settle and cool. Other types of cuisines have intricate and detailed processes that require a lot of labour and niche utilities. Although it is always best to eat paella when prepared by a professional, it is still a user-friendly process that eliminates much of the hassle experienced with alternative meals.

Speed of Service

A major selling point for paella catering in Sydney can be sourced through the speed of service. Within the span of 20-30 minutes a large pan that can feed numerous patrons can be ready to be plated, a rate of turnaround that is almost impossible to match when comparing to other cuisines in the market. So long as the preparation has gone off without a hitch and the appropriate ingredients have bee sourced, this is a task of throwing the ingredients into the steaming heat, mixing together and the rice and waiting for a moment to settle. Especially for those hosts who have many mouths to feed or have left their scheduling to the last possible minute, this is a great option to utilize.

Taste is Fantastic

The topic of taste is an entirely subjective one. What is delicious for one patron is hard to stomach for another. Yet the consensus with paella catering in Sydney has been in for a long time as the mixture of spices, textures, sauces, vegetables and meats makes for a succulent and appetizing meal that is hard to match. Some individuals will have their own preferences as the city of Sydney is spoiled with a litany of cuisines options. The feedback that is offered by patrons with this Spanish food is that it truly gratifies.

Meets Various Dietary Requirements

The good news about opting for paella catering in Sydney is that individuals of various dietary requirements can be easily serviced. So long as enough notice and preparation has been given for a certain type of allergy or aversion to a type of ingredient, ranging from meats to spices, condiments, vegetables or sauces, then the chef can provide a plate that is delicious and gratifying without placing them in danger of exposure. Even if there is not a medical provision for the food and the patron simply wants to lose weight or avoid a certain type of paella, that can be offered as well.

Well Within Most Budgets

Paella catering in Sydney is affordable for hosts who have to feed many mouths inside the space of a lunch or a dinner. The per person rate will adjust accordingly, starting out around the $15 mark per patron and dropping down to $12 per 40 people, $10.50 per 50, $9 per 60 and so on until a base price is set beyond the 100-150 figure. When looking at comparative cuisines in the market, other options can really dent a hole in the budget. This is a very modest and affordable service, especially if there multiple parties who can pitch in for the event.