Normal day to day activities such as sitting and standing can put a lot of strain on the human body. Bad posture and repetitive movements can make your spine move out of its natural alignment causing many complications. This is a common problem among sports people and office workers. The brain sends messages through the spinal cord to the entire body. A Castle Hill chiropractor is specially trained to use an evidence based approach to find the cause of the problem. By treating musculoskeletal issues where they begin they aim to make their patients pain free permanently instead of masking the pain with medicines.


This kind of practitioner is not medicinal doctor. Founded more than 100 years ago by D.D. Palmer. He called it ‘a science of healing without drugs’. Using alternative medicine in the form of spinal manipulation therapy (SMT), also known as spinal adjustments, and manipulations of other joints and soft tissues, they can begin the natural healing of the body without invasive surgery or medicines. Specially designs stretches are also proven to improve the mobility and flexibility of the body to release tension causing impinged nerves that can have debilitating pain associated with it.


Castle Hill chiropractors are trained in a large field of musculoskeletal issues including, but not limited to, soft tissue modalities, active release therapy, muscle rehabilitation exercises, dry needling, cold laser, ice/heat therapy, neuro-kinetic therapy, joint mobilisation and trigger point therapy. They use manual techniques as well as researched and proven tools to assist in these practices.


Some of the common adjustments performed are instrument adjustments (a spring-loaded device is used), lumbar roll (a firm yet quick thrust to a misaligned vertebra), toggle drop (firm pressure applied to a specific area of the spine), table adjustments (while laying on a specially designed table, pressure is put on the table and the table drops allowing gentle adjustments to be performed), release work (gentle pressure is used by the fingers to separate the vertebrae), and motion palpitation (a hand technique used to determine if the spine is aligned). There are many tools that can be used to assist in your treatment including corsets, braces and splints all of which help with the alignment of the spine.


The underlying cause of your problem plays a big role in your diagnoses, after you are diagnosed your treatment can begin. Castle Hill chiropractors can treat many injuries including back pain, muscle strains and injuries, neck pain and headaches, tendinopathies, whiplash, repetitive strain injuries, joint problems such as shoulder, knee and hip and other previous injuries that were not treated correctly.


Castle Hill chiropractors have a few chiropractic options as well as sports trainers as well as dieticians. These specialists use non-surgical methods to treat muscle, bone, joint, tendon and ligaments for injuries and muscle pain.

back massage

Weight plays an important role in your musculoskeletal health. If you are over weight you have added strain on your spine and joints. Castle hill chiropractors use dietetics to address general healthy eating, weight loss, chronic disease management and sports nutrition to get your life back to a pain free, happy, non restrictive life.


Castle Hill chiropractors educate their current and future patients through classes, videos you can watch at home, informative brochures and social media. Educating people about how chiropractics work can help the patient to further their treatment by assisting themselves properly at home. Their clinics are modern and family friendly, helping you feel comfortable while in treatment.


A correct balance of diet, exercise and postural changes can help to improve your entire bodies health. They believe that in turn this can decrease your chances of having a disease in the future. Today’s care is tomorrows well-being.