Did you know an average of 647kg of municipal waste per year is generated in Australia? According to a recent report by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Australia comes in fourth in the world as the largest producer of municipal waste, after the US, Denmark, and Switzerland.

Although not all of this comes from households, it still indicates how wasteful we are in everyday living. Most individuals aren’t aware of the impact their garbage has on the environment. To reduce our ecological footprint, it is important that we become smarter with the way we shop, consume, and dispose of items.

The holiday season is one of the worst times for generating the most waste. This comes in the form of food, packaging, present wrappings and lots of shopping waste. Not all of this junk needs to end up in the landfill. A rubbish removal Sydney company can assist in ensuring that recycling methods are being practiced and in turn, the landfills have less strain on them.

Over the holiday season, there are several methods that you can employ to assist with reducing the impact on landfills! Keep reading for some tips.


Thoughtful gifting

By trying to be eco-friendly with your gift giving you can dramatically decrease the amount of waste that is being produced and reduce carbon emissions as well. Giving items that you know will be used rather than an item they already own ensures that old products aren’t unnecessarily thrown away.

While gift vouchers often come with a negative connotation, they are actually very practical as they ensure that the receiver will buy something that they like. Getting a gift is a nice thought, but if you don’t know the person very well it is probably best to give them a voucher instead of getting them something they’ll never use.


Identify recyclables from non-recyclables

Properly sorting out the waste in your household can drastically help in disposing of it more sustainably. Make sure you identify what can be recycled to reduce the amount that is heading to landfill.

If you are unsure of what can be recycled or want some help getting rid of trash after the holiday season, rubbish removal companies can assist you. These businesses also have access to specialised recycling facilities, so you can ensure your trash is being properly managed.

plastic bottles


Christmas light disposal

These burnt out bulbs can be sent to a recycling centre to be turned into a new product. Professionals at rubbish removal companies will be able to handle this disposal for you easily. Hiring experts will also ensure these lights are not damaged and that they are in a state that can be recycled.


Reduce the need for batteries

Think about the gifts you are giving, and what kind of impact they will have on the long-term. Any battery-operated items will be environmentally harmful as battery acid can be harmful to the earth when not disposed of correctly.

Try to find an electrical replacement for the gift you have in mind. If you yourself end up with a lot of batteries to dispose of, you can contact rubbish removal companies for a list of locations that will accept these for disposal.


Do not overcook

Many households tend to go overboard when it comes to the Christmas dinner. A lot of these leftovers end up in the trash. If this sounds like your family, then careful considering how much you cook can greatly decrease the amount of waste that ends up in the landfill.

Additionally, the food scraps that you do have can be placed in compost bins or worm farms. Make sure you know which foods to avoid when it comes to your worms – for example, too much onion can kill them.


Dispose of other decorations correctly

Tinsel, Christmas trees, and many other decorations are not recyclable. Reusing these materials or donating them is a good idea in order to be more environmentally-friendly.

If you truly have no use for them anymore, calling rubbish removal companies to handle it for you is a good idea. These experts will be able to discern where your materials should go for the most sustainable disposal.


Book in a collection with a rubbish removal company

If your waste has unfortunately piled up over the Christmas break, you can easily book in a collection by rubbish removal companies at a time that suits you. These professionals are trained in the sorting process and understand what can and can’t be recycled and where each item should be taken to.

Don’t just toss all of your Christmas waste in the bin. Be mindful on how you are disposing of these and where they should be taken to. If you are just too busy or can’t be bothered, then call the professionals at a rubbish removal company to come and handle all your garbage!