Residential and commercial clients alike can make great strides settling on a trustworthy printing outlet close by.

Given the costs that are involved in this versatile and evolving practice, it is worthwhile investing some time and diligence into the filtering process with printing companies.

Those that overcharge through ink cartridge refills and hourly rates of customer service should be avoided under all circumstances, but this will not be readily identifiable from the outset.

The efficiency of service is paramount to keeping your printing bill as minimal as possible, allowing you to create your documents, fliers, posters, brochures, cards and other materials stress free.


So how should you formulate your list exactly?

Here we will run through a series of key strategies to make this endeavour that little bit easier from the perspective of the consumer.

Search Engine Listings

The ideal starting guide to locating one of the printing companies that you can trust is to begin with a basic search engine examination. By giving your regional information to preface the printing outlets, you will be presented with a series of names and brands as close by as possible. Especially in the case of Google, this search will present a top 3 list that will be highlighted, followed by other results that earned a page one inclusion. Check the user reviews and rating out of 5 stars as well as the quantity of reviews to see how they are tracking from the viewpoint of the customer.


Social Media Listings

In the age of the shared economy, few brands manage to promote an image online that is not reflective of the real life consumer experience. Cross check any names and listings you discover in the printing industry through your social media outlets to get a gauge of their operation and if they have a footprint on popular platforms. Printing companies often fall in line with the other commercial niches in this respect as social media hubs including Facebook, Yelp, Instagram, Twitter and others offer a great guide. Here you will be able to read a litany of feedback and see user ratings from those customers who have either enjoyed their service or found it lacking.


Open Direct Dialogue

The next step you can embrace is physically entering the premises of one of the identified printing companies to speak with a manager or service member on hand. By opening up a direct dialogue, you can begin to test the water on their pricing, on their customer care quality and ability to be transparent with your printing requirements. This is particularly useful for those individuals who like to gauge their business with a gut instinct decision.


Speaking with Personal References

Personal references are valuable when it comes to pinpointing printing companies, because if you trust their advice, then that gives you a direct reference. Whether that is a close friend or family member, engage them about their experience, how they sourced the location, how they interact with them, their quality and any other queries that you consider.


Speaking with Professional References

The same principle applies with professional references to locate the best printing companies. Colleagues and peers in the professional landscape will be dealing with these providers on a higher level and their recommendations should carry significant weight.


Tips To Pick Top Outlets

Now that you know how to go about identifying the names of the printing companies who come recommended, you can cross check their assets to pinpoint exactly who should warrant your business. You will want a provider who ticks the following boxes:


  • Can handle printing orders within a respectable timeframe
  • Offers bulked discounts and loyalty reward schemes
  • Can offer a variety of services that meets your diverse needs
  • They will preference quality over quantity
  • They will answer communications promptly and also make requests on your projected needs
  • They will listen to your needs and be transparent


Good luck!