Locals and visitors alike won’t have any issue coming across a billboard or advertisement promoting the best criminal lawyers in Melbourne.

They will attempt to be visible at every opportunity to gain the attention of the public.

Whether they are tough and persistent prosecutors who fight to bring justice to criminals, or defendants who use the law to protect their client against charges and uphold the right of a reasonable doubt, these firms are active in the community.

However, it is not the glitz and glamour or glossy photo shoots that makes a quality legal representative.

It is a combination of personal characteristics, skills and standards that are upheld whenever they are on the clock.

The small details often make the difference between a winning and a losing case.


Personal Presentation

There is no tangible evidence that substantiates the judgment of criminal lawyers in Melbourne through their personal presentation. Yet time and time again it is clear that their look can play a subconscious role in what a judge or jury believes, offering an unfair advantage to one side of the isles over the other. If the suit is dirty, not tucked in correctly, if the hair is chaotic and not looked after, if the briefcase is falling apart or personal hygiene is not respected, these are elements that can undo good work. It is a small detail that will inform others from the outside whether or not the representative respects themselves, the courtroom and showcase an ability to care for their own look and balance that responsibility with their duty.



There is a saying in professional circles that half the battle is just showing up, and that applies to criminal lawyers in Melbourne. Being early or at least on time for appointments, legal filings and courtroom appearances will negate the need for a judge or court representative to chase a solicitor for their attendance. Even appearing 5 minutes late will negatively impact their standing and specialists who are paid to look after their client’s interests cannot minimize these setbacks in punctuality.


Knowing Case Details Intrinsically

To represent their client to their best possible standard, criminal lawyers in Melbourne must be able to site facts at a moment’s notice and delve into additional information without being overwhelmed by the scope of the procedure. Often these professionals can be assigned multiple ongoing cases from tax evasion to murder, battery and domestic assault to kidnapping or blackmail. These are alleged crimes that can date back decades and even constitute cold cases where charges can be laid generations later. This skill is not only useful in a courtroom to push back against an overzealous prosecution or a stubborn defence, but it helps for the representative to dig deeper for more information above what has already been known and established.


Direct Fact-Based Argumentative Style

Skirting around the issue or seeking to leverage circumstantial evidence won’t help the cause of criminal lawyers in Melbourne. Judges and juries will be too aware of what constitutes a poor prosecution or defence and it is paramount that a solicitor can make their argument in a direct fashion. Every point made should be supported by evidence, either through eyewitness testimony, DNA testing, photographic evidence, documentation or another asset that can be appropriately presented and filed.


Mediation and Negotiation Skills

Small details matter when judging the merits of criminal lawyers in Melbourne and one of those details can be seen through their ability to negotiate and mediate with opposing counsel. Striking a deal to ensure a defendant escapes or deescalates jail time, or an agreement that sets in place a restraining order or changes to child custody is a genuine skill in and of itself. Coming to the table to seek out terms requires an ability to listen, offer concessions might stick firm on certain elements.