The primary role of a branding agency such as Creades is to plan, manage and create strategies for their clients. This includes many different factors such as supporting them with their advertising efforts or any other forms of promotion that they are. Businesses are choosing to enlist the services of these companies as they allow them to gain a competitive advantage in terms of a strong communication strategy. So with all of these amazing benefits that these firms have to offer how do you find the one that is right for you and your business?

Each person or company has their own specific way of doing things when it comes to hiring a new service, so we’ll leave that to you. However, there are some questions you should be asking all of your potential candidates before you make your final decision. Below are just some of the questions that we believe you should be asking your potential branding agency.


What is your experience?

One of the first questions that you should be asking is what the experience of the firm is. This will give you a good indication into their knowledge and whether they know what they are doing. Start up firms happen all the time and their recency shouldn’t deter you either. If the branding agency itself is quite new ask the directors and employees what their experience is like and whether you think it is at an appropriate level for you to do business with them.

Experience has many different benefits with one of the obviously knowing what they are doing. An overlooked one is the connections that they make throughout their career. People who have been in the industry the longest will have relationships with vendors to hopefully give you the best price and service.


What is the pricing structure?

Money is always a big factor when it comes to business which is why it is important that you ask this question before you sign any contracts. What you are actually paying for and when is always a nice thing to know before you get into business with a branding agency. Laying everything on the table first will make sure that you aren’t hit with any surprises during your time working with them. You will also be able to know how many hours are being spent on your account and what sort of results you can expect.


What is the preferred method of communication?

Some people are old school and prefer to communicate via talking rather than email. You should ask this question at the beginning as well to ensure that your preferred method aligns with theirs. Additionally, some branding agencies will charge you for consultancy work which could be billed from just talking to them over the phone. This point kind of ties into the previous point but you want to know if you will be charged for talking to them as some lawyers tend to do with their clients.


Can I see the portfolio of your previous clients?

A portfolio of past clients is like a record of triumphs for these businesses as they always want to put their best foot forward when attracting new clients. Asking to see who they have worked with beforehand allows you to see if any of the align with your own industry. Once you know who they have worked with previously or currently you should branch out and ask them what their experience working with them is like. Think of it as a real time review to help you make your decision before you sign any contracts.