Photos are one of the biggest investments on your big day. While making sure that your day runs smoothly, you can sometimes forget that your Sydney wedding photography needs to be planned out as well. Here are some of the best ways to get the best out of your Sydney wedding photography and get the best quality photos you can.


Time management

Managing your time effectively is the most important thing for your ceremony and your shoot. Falling behind in your schedule can lead to sacrificing the quality of your images. Delays happen and need to be taken into consideration before planning your Sydney wedding photography.

The hair and make-up routine is notorious for running over time and causing delays. A lot of other tasks that may seem small could also lead to taking up additional time. People showing up late, late deliveries or someone forgetting something can put a damper on your plans.

Changes are common due to uncontrollable variables such as the weather. Having a time buffer is important and can save all those involved a lot of stress and frustration.


Start early and schedule for longer

wedding couple smiling

A major problem that sacrifices the quality for a lot of shoots is the amount of time that goes into them. Starting earlier grants you with extra time to take more photos. Extending your schedule is another way to get the most out of your Sydney wedding photography. Restricting your schedule to a short amount of time is another way that significantly sacrifices the quality of your photos.

Starting the whole day early will put your mind at ease and make you feel a lot more comfortable. There’s nothing wrong with being ahead of schedule either. If you finish your photo shoot early you can always sit back and enjoy some spare time with your bridal party.


Lighting is key

When choosing the location and the time for shots, always consider the lighting that comes with it. Lighting can be an images’ best friend so schedule your shoots to include the golden hour of sunshine.

The golden hour is the moment after sunrise and before sunset where the light is softer and redder than normal. The softer light allows for some amazing moments to be captured. Shoots around noon can be the most difficult due to the positioning of the sun. Make sure to take into consideration the time of day when planning your session.


Trust your professional

The professional your hire is doing everything with your best interests in mind. If you have conservative views on how or where the images should be done, you could be missing out on a set that is both creative and mesmerising.

If you’re concerned with the outside elements and if it’ll ruin your hair and make-up, relax. Stepping out of your comfort zone could result in amazing memories that’ll last a lifetime. For extra measures bring your bridesmaids along to make sure nothing goes wrong and that they’re there in case you need a quick touch up.


Engagement sessions

Another great bonus to get more out of your Sydney wedding photography would be to get an engagement session. The extra session acts as a bonding experience between them and the couple. This way they can get a sense of your personality and the best types of images to suit you.

If you can’t fit in an engagement session or simply don’t want one, it would be very beneficial to meet up beforehand.  Even if you have a meal together, getting to know each other makes a world of difference to your images’ quality.

Getting the most out of your Sydney wedding photography doesn’t have to be painful. Following these simple steps to ensure that your day runs smoothly and you get the best quality images that you can.