City-based patrons won’t be short for options when they take a look for local pizza in Marrickville to grab a large pepperoni or a family sized Margherita.

Yet before a group decides on making a booking for a table and taking a bottle of red to compliment the meal, there are a few key points that define how these establishments perform for their community.

Pizza restaurants in Marrickville are just as competitive as any other niche and it is important to judge them on their merits.


Quality of the Sauce

It is worthwhile delving into the specifics about what makes the best pizza restaurants in Marrickville and on that front, the sauce is key. Tomatoes that are rich in nutrients and juicy create the ideal environment to craft a sauce that lathers the base of the pizza. It is a subjective exercise as there is a variety of interpretations and tastes about what defines the perfect sauce, yet a freshly sourced mixture of garlic, paste, Parmesan cheese, onion powder, honey and water will offer a solution that is balanced for sweetness to compliment the other ingredients.


Quality of the Crust

Irrespective if the customer is a fan of thick crust or thin crust, pizza restaurants in Surry Hills have to offer a foundation that is delicious, warm and created with the best quality dough possible. This can be sourced with the use of extra-virgin olive oil and bread flour but no matter how the establishment creates their own crisp crust, this is an element that defines how good the dish will be received.


Freshness of Ingredients

Pizza restaurants in Surry Hills are spoiled when it comes to obtaining freshly sourced ingredients and toppings for their cuisine. From mushrooms to olives, onions, peppers, cheese, pineapple, garlics, tomatoes and much more – the Sydney markets are located within walking distance of the suburb. All manner of grocery professionals and food networks offer their items across Sydney, so those outlets that embrace fresh produce and avoid cheap processed packaging from supermarkets are the establishments to value.


The Dining Experience

woman eating pizza

There are a number of intangible elements at play when patrons are in the process of judging pizza restaurants in Surry Hills. One of those will center around the dining experience, taking into account the seating arrangement to the table service, the music, the snacks, drinks and starters that are on offer, the proximity of the table to the oven to get that desirable smell and the overall aroma and vibe of the establishment. Whilst this is a cuisine that has its origins in Italy, this is a meal that is universal for its delicious qualities, flexible ingredient format and passion for creation. If guests are simply sent through a cold and stale order and pickup process like those on offer through fast food chains, then that special quality that defines a local pizza restaurant diminishes.


Online Ratings and Reviews

In 2019 there is one simple method to gauge the validity of pizza restaurants in Surry Hills and make a judgment based on their track record. A quick Google search will be a healthy starting guide where users can grab a rating out of 5-stars, see how much volume those ratings garner and the comments that have been left by previous patrons. There are also specific cuisine apps and sites that will give food critics of notoriety a chance to test the goods and publish their findings to the rest of the Marrickville community. When there are issues that arise with poor food or quality of service, that is a problem that will be disclosed online as patrons will want to inform friends and family members about their experience.