There are plenty of Hollywood movies out there that depict students heading into their first unpaid position. Usually these movies are filled to the brim with chaotic things that will happen as well as people who are low-key bullied (e.g. the devil wears Prada). These depictions can sometimes have people worried that they are going to go through hell when they participate in HR internships.

The good news is that these depictions are rarely accurate. There are plenty of fair work rules and regulations that are applied here in Australia that also apply to those who are participating in unpaid work. This helps ensure that people are only working a suitable number of hours, are having regular breaks throughout the day, and are always treated with respect.

Knowing this can sometimes help people ease their anxiety when they are applying for such positions and may even help them look forward to the experience. As people will likely need to partake in something along these lines in order to obtain paid work down the track, this article will look further at HR internships and if they are anything like what is portrayed in the movies.


Some of the tasks that are shown in movies may indeed need to be completed when people participate in HR internships

While, of course, people participate in HR internships as they will want to gain important and relevant experience, this doesn’t mean that they won’t be participating in mundane tasks. More often than not, Hollywood films will depict people running around getting coffee and this is certainly something that people may find themselves doing. The reason for this is because people will need to prove their worth if they want to work their way up in the company.

Many businesses will put a lot of time, money, and energy into those who participate in unpaid work experience and so they will expect a lot in return. Sometimes this will include tasks that may not be that educational but it will prove that the person at hand is willing to be a team player. When people participate in these tasks willingly, they are much more likely to be offered a paid position at the end of their time with the company.


HR internships are not likely to be as intense as what is shown in the movies

In most movies, the workers are shown running around like headless chooks trying to please their manager while getting everything done at the same time. The truth is, however, that things are not likely to be this exciting. There may even be days where there isn’t much work to be completed at all.

When moments like these do arise, however, this is the perfect opportunity for people to show some initiative. They can go and do a stock-take of the stationary cupboard, can do an office tidy-up, can clean out the printer, or something else that shows that they are constantly on the ball. The last thing that people want to be doing is just sitting there when they are wanting to make a good impression.

Having said this, there may be some busy days when participating in HR internships and so people need to be prepared for these types of days too. In these moments, it is important that people have snacks on them to help get through the day and that they drink plenty of water. In conclusion, people can get a better idea of what to expect when actually talking to someone instead of a movie.