Scaffolding is an often overlooked but integral part of most building projects. From skyscrapers to shopping centres, the structures have a major role to play in their construction.

If you’re looking to build or renovate, you might be wondering what kinds of scaffolding solutions are available to you. This article will outline the major services you can access.

Equipment hire

If you’re experienced in working with scaffolding and are willing to do the work yourself, hiring equipment may be ideal for you. This means you will hire the equipment from a provider and erect and dismantle it yourself. This is typically the preferred option for people who are confident using the structures and are working on small, simple jobs.


When hiring equipment, ensure that you are working with a provider that offers equipment that meets Australian standards. Some examples of equipment you can hire include foldable, mobile, walk-thru and tower scaffolding and accessories.

Be aware that if you need to use a structure taller than 4 metres you will need to sign it off as abiding by work insurance requirements with a certified provider at least every 30 days.

Many providers will offer to help you determine the optimal solution for your job and deliver to your property.

Contracting services

If you require assistance with assembling or dismantling, or require an inspection, a contractor will be able to help. A contractor can visit your property and determine what kind of scaffolding you require. They will then design the solution and create a list of required equipment. The team will then source the gear, transport it to your property, erect the structure at the designated time, and then dismantle it at a decided time.

This procedure will be done safely and efficiently by trained, experienced contractors.

Specialist services

Scaffolding services are also available for unique needs such as working in confined spaces. Specific specialist services include:


If your project is or will encroach on a publicly-used space or road, you may require a hoarding service. Whether you require hoarding for a short or long period of time, this can be achieved quickly and effectively using a specialist service. Providers should be fully licensed and qualified, as well as experienced working in high traffic, potentially challenging-to-reach areas with minimal disruption to surrounds.

Confined spaces

Safety and experience are essential when working within small or narrow confined spaces. A quality provider should implement risk assessments and relevant planning before beginning work in a confined space. This involves determining the optimal structure to suit your project’s unique needs.

Contractors should be highly trained and experienced in this type of work to ensure the job is completed effectively.

Stair access

For stair-related projects such as fire escapes, specialist services can provide stair access solutions ranging from 1 to 20 metres. Scaffolding should ideally be made from high quality aluminium and be of an Australian Standard. A contractor can erect and dismantle structures in stairway areas safely and in a short amount of time.


Prices vary wildly depending on the requirements of the project. For instance, if you’re looking to purchase a scaffold, you may have to pay anywhere from $1000-$30,000 depending on the size of the job.

For equipment hire, there are multiple components to the pricing. Things to consider include delivery and pickup fees, as well as weekly hire costs. This may cost around $160-$600 in total when hiring gear for a week.


There is a range of scaffolding services available, from specialist to classic contracting. For more information, contact a local, trustworthy provider.